Workplace Health Management Plan Template

Plan to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 into Queensland workplaces and communities

 This template (see attachment below) is for:

  • workplaces that employ, or have as visitors or contractors, interstate workers or seasonal workers and are required to submit a Health Management Plan under the relevant Queensland Chief Health Officer Public Health Direction (i.e. Border restrictions direction or Seasonal workers health management plans direction).


  • Queensland businesses wishing to assess their plans to control COVID-19 associated risks.

This template may be used in conjunction with the COVID-19 Workforce Impact Reduction Checklist at annexure A.
Note that substantially similar information within either document may be satisfied by reference to the information entered in the other, or for relevant industries, to the Checklist for Reducing Workforce Impact from COVID-19 published by Safe Food Production Queensland.

Download this file (health-management-plan-template-workplace.pdf)health-management-plan-template-workplace.pdf256 kB345 Downloads