ALGA Life Membership award

ALGA President, Derek Foley announced the ALGA Life Membership awards at a recent grower meeting, by presenting a Life Membership Certificate to Tibby and Helen Dixon of Sarina Beach.

2018 ALGA Life Membership for Tibby and Helen Dixon

Introduction of the industry levy
As ALGA President for six years, Tibby along with other ALGA committee members, diligently set about convincing all lychee growers that a compulsory levy was essential to move the industry forward.
This was an onerous task, requiring an extraordinary amount of travel up and down the east coast—and it was not always easy to convince growers that they should be paying a levy.
With enough foresight and realization to achieve bigger and better things, growers agreed to the industry’s compulsory levy.

Sourcing new varieties
Tibby has also been prominent in trying to improve the industry and orchard productivity.
He has travelled to China many times to source lychee varieties that would not only grow well in Australia, but could realise higher returns to growers.

Stronger, more productive industry
Thanks to Tibby’s foresight, passion and determination the lychee industry has been able to grow and become ever more productive.
ALGA would like to thank Tibby and Helen, and wish them many more years of growing lychee and many more trips to China.

Executive of the Australian Lychee Growers Association